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Leaves of London is a character led drama set on Hampstead Heath, following different lives on one sunny afernoon.


As we drift through this beautiful, natural landscape during one afternoon, we meet a strange mix of characters, each with their own stories to tell: lost girls on the path to recovery, an eccentric elder lady reliving her youth, a fisherman attempting to educate his son, boy scouts becoming pirates, a wise poet, a couple’s romance turning sour in a completely hollow tree....Nothing is quite what it seems as each scene reverses your expectations…

Underlying all these separate glimpses into different people’s lives is a sense of a collective consciousness. Amongst the trees of Hampstead heath there is a sense of the magic that connects everyone together.

The story is set through 7 scenes; it’s almost like a collection of short stories with each scene being a short drama following a different life of another character.

Director: Lara Singer

Writer: Lara Singer

Producers: Lara Singer, Pip McKenzie

Co-Producers: Laila Bournmourne, Kyle Cheatley

Cinematographer: Claire Buxton

Camera Dep: David Gary  Olga Lagun, 

Editor: Andy Crowe

Poem: James Messiah

Sound Design: Renzo Garcia

Sound Composer: Ray Singer

Special Effects + grading: Sara Buxton


Roxy            Katherine Rodden

Tash            Rose Wardlaw

Phylis           Jean Ellwood

Father         Gavin Duff

Son              Dan Winter

Sienna         Florence Walker

Naomi         Laila Bouromane

Alex             Vincent Kerschaum

The Poet     James Messiah

Children:    Carlos, Olivia- Rose, Jackson, Hector,Joel , Zak, louis, Z, Betty, Dylan 





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